"Genpro has literally eliminated the possibility of human error and when a manager mishandles a punch or a day off, there is a permanent history and the original punches can always be retrieved. Thank you Josie & Syracuse Time and Alarm!"  -Pamela O'Connor, Corporate Human Resource Administrator

The Sheehan Family Companies began their relationship with Time America about 6 years ago with our TJ Sheehan location in Liverpool as an alternative to the time clock program that was being used at that time. They were using a paper punch card, and incorporated Time America's Genpro program which uses swipe cards, resembling a credit card, that is swiped and the clock in or out function is selected at the time the employee punches in or out for their shifts. Then the cards were manually keyed into a program that transferred over to payroll. There was a huge margin for human error in keying in these times. Their Liverpool location worked with Josie Lemay of Syracuse Time and Alarm Co., Inc. to set up their time clock and customize the program to fit their location. The managers at TJ Sheehan were extremely happy with the results of not only the program, but with Josie's service to them.

In late 2012, they reached out to Josie to inquire about putting swipe clocks in at all of our locations. In early spring 2013, they had time clocks ordered and were ready to begin installing in their locations, beginning with the most challenging...Union Beer in Brooklyn, NY. This location has the largest volume of hourly employees and some are also part of the Collective Bargaining Union. The installation at Union Beer occurred in April, 2013, and after a few weeks of "practicing" they were ready to go live. There were questions that arose, but Josie was always available to answer them and lend training as well.

In July of 2014, Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. installed the last clock at their Baltimore, Maryland location with a total of 11 clocks at 10 locations. Union Beer has a hand reader clock, which uses an employee's hand print to punch in and out, as well as a swipe card clock. They are also using the Web based punch program that interfaces with Genpro at 5 of their smaller locations, and are in the process of transferring several more smaller locations to this Web based program called Web Clock.

They are in recent talks with Josie about incorporating wages, as they currently only use Genpro for tracking employee's daily punches and then transfer this information over to payroll with a file transfer. Once they begin to use wages in Genpro, they will be able to run labor analysis reports for job costing and budget purposes. They have just begun to tap into the many possibilities of what they can use Genpro for and look forward to working with Josie to learn of these possibilities.