Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. gave the school a system that provides crystal-clear, highly intelligible announcements along with professional music reproduction. Wireless communication from spotters in the press box to sideline personal. The ability to play music from CD’s, I-Pod’s, computers and any other mp3 device.  Along with a wireless microphone system that provide coverage from anywhere on the field, allowing the referees calls to be heard through out the stadium.

With just two light pole mounted Technomad Berlin speakers powered by a Yamaha amplifier, the system covers the 2700 plus seat bleachers, field, running track and concession stand with even coverage. The system is controlled by Penton Digital Signal Processor that provides signal routing and sound equalization. The design of the system makes it very simple to use. One button turns on the system. All that is needed after that is to plug in a microphone, load a music source and press play.