Rauland Telecenter and Mass Notification
As part of your comprehensive crisis and mass notification plan, a paging and intercom system plays a vital role.  Whether you are evacuating a single school or locking down the entire district, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly is critical.  Rauland Telecenter systems let you communicate real-time to every classroom, every corridor, and throughout every corner of your facility or campus.

Multiple Communication and Notification Options
As situations change, use live announcements, emergency tones, and pre-recorded instructional messages to direct students and staff.  First responders get automated voice announcements via phone - during a fire or security event – whether they are in the building or offsite. Rauland Telecenter systems can interface to other systems in your facility for a coordinated response.

Access From Anywhere
Users can access the system from an office telephone, an emergency paging microphone, or a cell phone. A hands-free intercom and in-classroom panic buttons let you know exactly who needs assistance.


A Safe and Secure School Environment is Essential for Students and Staff
In an emergency, you need a communications system that enables immediate action and a rapid call for assistance.  Rauland Telecenter systems improve response times and supports all your emergency events, such as evacuation, shelter in place, lock-down and lockout.

Complement Your Emergency Plan
Every school needs a communication system to carry out safety plans.  Rauland Telecenter's features – such as all page, hands-free intercom, automated announcements and tone distribution – enable administration to communicate with the entire facility.  Discrete buttons for everyday and emergency calls,  allows classroom teachers to communicate their need for assistance without tying them to a phone trying to get assistance.

School Safety, An Industry-Wide Initiative
Rauland-Borg, as a long standing member of the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA) has teamed with other industry partners to support safety in K-12 schools through creation ofther NEMA Standard SB40: Emergency Communications in Schools. For a copy of the SB40 Standard and more information on the NEMA organization, please visit their website.


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