Classroom Sound: Amplified Teachers' Voices Elevate Student Performance
Every teacher wants the undivided attention of their students. Classroom sound reinforcement greatly increases student learning by providing unparalleled audio quality of the teacher's voice to all students, including those seated in the back of the classroom. A Rauland Telecenter system gives the teacher complete control of the sound field that surrounds students in a classroom. Complete control of all classroom audio sources allows an instructor to capture the focus of students by creating a balanced audio environment regardless of where the student is located in the classroom.

Clear and Powerful Voice
Many instructors today have to strain to be heard. With a Rauland Telecenter system, even students sitting in the last row are put in the center of the sound. Information is shared clearly, increasing retention of lessons, which is exactly what you need in your learning environment.

Simple to Use
Rauland Telecenter systems are intuitive to learn and operate. The wireless microphone enables a teacher to control the classroom volume as well as the volume of external audio sources. The teacher can also be immediately connected to the front office with the push of a button on the wireless microphone.

Improves Test Scores
Enhance your lessons and inspire learning by adding music, sound effects and voice recordings. Every student will be captivated and most importantly, retention can increase up to 30%, making student test scores improve by up to 10% (per The MARRS Report, April 2006).

Long Battery Life
The wireless microphone uses Li-Ion batteries that recharge quickly and last up to 8 hours. This permits a teacher to focus on students, not on technology and whether the sound reinforcement system will make it to the end of the school day.


Built-in Master Clock and Atomic Time
Bells ring on time to signal the end of the day or class change.  Classroom clocks are kept in time by the same system – everyone's bells match the clock.  Atomic Time Sync allows schools to keep time with the rest of the community.

Hands-free Intercom
Teachers respond quickly to administrative staff from anywhere in the classroom, minimizing the disruption to instruction.  

Priority Communications
Paging, tones and intercom to the classroom automatically take priority over classroom sound reinforcement systems.  Emergency Paging always has the highest priority so important information is guaranteed to be heard by everyone.

One Touch Call-in
There are no numbers for teachers to dial or redial to get assistance. Your faculty can resume instruction or respond to an emergency.   Call-ins can be displayed on phones, marquee displays, cell phones or voice announced over speakers for fast response.

Let Everyone Hear the Teacher
Rauland Telecenter systems bring advanced classroom sound reinforcement to your classroom. With Rauland Telecenter, even students seated near the rear of your classroom will hear the teacher's voice, improving grades because of increased quality of spoken instruction.


IP School Intercom Communications
Rauland Telecenter communication systems are design for networking simplicity and cost reduction. Here's what networked-based design means for your school:

  • Simplified maintenance with a single common Cat 5/5e/6 cable plant
  • Distributed fiber architecture – instead of expensive home-run cabling use fiber to interconnect distributed or campus style systems
  • Reduced technical training with simplified remote system access over the Internet, WAN, or via modem

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