Elpas Healthcare Patient Tracking Solutions from Visonic Technologies are restraint-free, wandering patient systems designed for acute care hospitals, psychiatric
units or long-term geriatric care facilities. Engineered to deliver maximum capability coupled with ease-of-use operation, Elpas Patient Tracking Solutions provide 24/7 real-time location tracking of patients (suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (AD) or other forms of dementia) that exhibit a high probability of 'Elopement' or 'Wandering'.

Elpas Active RFID Healthcare Positioning TagElpas Patient Tracking Solutions are designed to reduce the costly need to continuously supervise chronic Wanderers or to excessively restrict their mobile independence. 

Comprehensive hospital-proven, risk mitigation solutions that enable total freedom of movement of care givers, guests, other residents or family members while preventing un-supervised Wanderers from leaving monitored areas unnoticed. 

Upon admission each Wander is given a state-of–the-art Elpas Active RFID Healthcare Positioning Tag (worn like a wrist watch) which allows the patient free and unregulated movement within the allowed detection zone (typically the interior area of the building or clinic). Should the tagged patient approach any of the protected doors through which he or she is not allowed to pass through unescorted, the system’s audiovisual intervention functionality will auto trigger as well as log a complete history of the event. From single-door, stand-alone patient safety solutions to fully networked, campus-wide, unified risk mitigation systems, Elpas has an off-the-shelf patient tracking solution ideal for your medical facility’s requirements.



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