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Elevate communication and safety in educational settings with our advanced Education and Intercom Systems, providing seamless integration, reliable functionality, and enhanced emergency response capabilities 

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The One School Intercom Network Solution for Emergencies, Events and Everyday.


Rauland's Telecenter U is a web-based system that connects and drives the communications equipment you already have in place throughout your school, your campus and across your district.


Telecenter U connects all of the separate audio and communication systems - like intercom and paging, PA/sound and emergency - in any and every location to deliver seamless communications for crises, events and everyday.


With Telecenter U, scheduled tones make sure everyone moves through your campus safely and efficiently.


When an emergency strikes, you're prepared with a tested communications plan easily initiated by a single action by staff.

Classroom Sound

Classroom sound reinforcement greatly increases student learning by providing unparalleled audio quality of the teacher's voice to all students, including those seated in the back of the classroom. A Rauland Telecenter system gives the teacher complete control of the sound field that surrounds students in a classroom.


Teachers respond quickly to administrative staff from anywhere in the classroom, minimizing the disruption to instruction.

Keller ISD Installing New Emergency Response System

Keller ISD recently added a Rauland TelecenterU system that will alert the entire school of an emergency with the touch of one button.

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About Wistia

Smart Response

A proactive approach to crisis scenarios

Telecenter U® allows you to take action quickly and confidently to many different crisis scenarios.

Lock out, Lockdown, Evacuation

District-wide notifications are initiated from a single web-based interface targeting the District, the Campus or the School.

Critical Notifications on a Range of Emergencies

Immediate customized response can be relayed via phone, browser or panic button for different scenarios.

Track Responses Across the School or District

Emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down, and calls continue annunciating until they are answered.

Pre-record Messages to Deliver Custom Instructions

Custom instructions, emergency tones, emails can all be launched with a single touch, tailored to each scenario.

Smart Schedules

Event Management made easy

Students, teachers, staff and parents all depend on schedules for a smooth school day. Telecenter U makes managing those schedules virtually effortless.

Pre-record Messages to Deliver Custom Instructions

Custom instructions, emergency tones, emails can all be launched with a single touch, tailored to each scenario.

Manage Every Schedule, from Anywhere

Daily calendar and schedules are easily managed, school by school or centrally.

Make Time Management Easy

Manage for holidays, snow days and other school closings. Automatically adjust for daylight saving time, half-day, assemblies and more.

Customize Your Announcements for Any Occasion

Play pre-recorded messages, music before and after school and during passing periods.

Smart Days

Communications for Every Day

With Telecenter U, communication is simple and targeted, all day, every day, to a single locations, a group of facilities or your entire district.

 Every Day Now Runs Smoothly

Morning announcements and after-hours messaging managed on the fly, or pre-recorded.

 Fully Integrated System Links Schools, District

Multi-school campuses and schedules are now managed with ease.

Targeted Communications are Simple 

Call buttons allow teachers to get assistance without disturbing teaching. Internal communications are routed to the right people.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a new school P.A./Intercom system provide class change bells?

Yes you can have up to 5 bell schedules run per day.

Can the bell schedules be changed daily?

Yes, the schedules are on a calendar that changes daily, and can be changed in real time.

Can the P.A./Intercom system plays pre-recorded messages?

Yes, you can have up to 100 hours of wave files. Emergency, Lockdown, weather and more.

Can the P.A./Intercom system interface with other systems in our school?

Yes it can interface with the Access Control, Visual Notification System.

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