Security System Solutions

Experience unmatched security and peace of mind with our comprehensive range of Security System Solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs and backed by our expert installation, maintenance, and support services

Security Detection Systems

Every business, big or small, needs a security detection system in place to protect against theft and vandalism.

We at Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. understand this ever-growing need and will work with you to design a system that best fits your facility's unique requirements.

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Access Control Solutions

A recognized leader in the integrated access control industry, our systems are scalable and meet the needs of small systems, fully integrated security management systems, and enterprise-class control systems. Our access control solutions combine scalable design with built-in customizable features.

Our company’s solutions include access control, visitor management, alarms, biometrics with smart card solutions, CCTV/DVR/NVR surveillance, photo imaging & badging, time & attendance, motion detection and monitoring device controls, elevator control, building automation/management, anti-pass back, CAD Graphics and parking systems integration.

This makes it easy to meet the needs of any size customer, from small business to medium and large enterprise organizations and easily expands as customer needs change.

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Surveillance System Solutions

In this day and age, a security detection system alone doesn't always make the cut. More and more businesses are relying on video for evidence recovery and an expertly installed video surveillance is an important component of any integrated security system.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, at Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. we apply our 30+ years of experience to install the BEST surveillance solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does the system work?

Sensors are placed in various locations throughout the building to detect someone entering the building while it is armed. Sensors consist of door contacts, motion detectors and glass break sensors. When any device is activated, it will trip the alarm and call our central station for us to dispatch the police department.

What happens if I trip the alarm by accident?

Go to the keypad and enter the four digits to silence the alarm. Our monitoring service will call to make sure everything is ok. We will ask for a password and disregard the alarm.

Do I need a phone line to be monitored?

Monitoring can be done via IP communications or Cellular communication.

Will my system work during a power outage?

Yes, there is a backup battery that will power your system in the event of a power outage. When the power comes back on, it will recharge the battery.

Do I need to have the system monitored?

If the system is monitored and someone breaks in, we will be able to contact the customer and dispatch the police department.

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