Time Management System Solutions

Our Time Management System Solutions empower businesses with efficient time tracking, scheduling, and workforce management capabilities 

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Are you still calculating employee's time by hand or using old fashioned punch clocks? Find out how our Time System Solutions can help you streamline tracking employee's time, calculating leave hours, automatically e-mailing time and labor reports, and exporting employee time to payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of time & attendance systems do you offer?

For companies that demand more functionality, TA100 PRO and TA100 SQL builds upon the technology by adding additional levels of employee distribution, auto processing, electronic approvals, benefit administration and a graphical status board. GENESIS PRO and GENESIS SQL are powerful software systems designed to automate timekeeping, scheduling, and job costing in larger companies. The systems are among the most comprehensive in the industry, boasting such features as multi-scheduling, occurrence ratings, web entry and access control. A 100% Web-based application designed for companies of any size, XACTtime offers a fast, easy and customizable method of entering time card and time sheet information that is accessible from anywhere. XACTtime allows you to control all aspects of time and labor management, reduce administrative costs of time and attendance data collection, and track department and project costs. This enables you to increase your company’s productivity and profitability on a "pay as you go" basis with minimal up-front costs.

What type of readers do you have?

Badge swipe terminals are both easy to use and configurable. Our barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity badge, face reader and finger readers can be used in stand-alone or networked environments.

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