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In an industry where seconds can mean the difference between life & death, have the right systems in place.

Nurse Call Systems


Austco makes sophisticated nurse call systems, enterprise reporting and analytics tools, and industry-leading software applications for caregivers and clinical staff.

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Patient Wandering Systems

Assisted Living

Healthcare facilities want their patients and residents to be 100% secure, yet no one wants a person to feel locked away and unable to walk around, socialize and have a change of scenery. Technology that includes hospital patient-tracking systems, tracking for assisted-living communities and wander management security systems have features that enable patients and residents to have a better quality of life, give families and staff peace of mind, and allow operations to flow more smoothly.

Centrak Security Overview

Infant Protection Systems


Babies are one of the most vulnerable patients in a hospital. Ensuring infant security is critical to not only the reputation of the hospital, but also to the peace of mind of everyone there, from nursing staff to new moms. The most effective infant protection solution provides accurate newborn location information along with 24/7 abduction attempt alerts.

Newbaby Infact Abduction Protection Overview

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Austco Nurse Call use the latest technology?

Yes, and this allows more personalized care as it embraces the future.

Does your nurse call track patient care?

Yes, it allows you to track, monitor and access a patients bedside care. Austco and Ella’s offer reporting options.

Is your nurse call compatible with RTLS?

Yes, Austco has its own built-in RTLS but also works with 3rd party RTLS (Elpas).

How can this system increase patient satisfaction scores?

Patient care is boosted by technology, shortens response times and reduces noise levels.

What are the clinical workflow options for your systems?

Austco can monitor rounding, record patient checks, fall risks and streamline communications.

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